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Galisteo Mutual Domestic Water Consumers Association

The non-profit Galisteo MDWCA manages the historic village water delivery system. Before its formation in 1961, water had been hauled up from Galisteo Creek in wagons. A donation by resident Phil McKee provided a well and pump house, and, with work by the people of Galisteo, the water system was completed early in 1962. As of 2023, the Galisteo MDWCA system serves 73 members with 85 hookups. 

The Galisteo MDWCA Board meets quarterly at the Galisteo Community Center.

2024–25 Board

President: Steve Moya, (505) 466-1544

Vice President: Ed Epping 

Treasurer: John Watson-Jones

Secretary: Deirdre Africa

Bookkeeper: Ana Berry

Foreman: Ron C de Baca

Water Operator: Rudy Martinez

Board members:

Antonio Chavez

Paul Davis

Richard Patton

Ranchitos de Galisteo Water Users Association

Incorporated in 1989, the Ranchitos de Galisteo Water Users Association (WUA) is a private water delivery system that serves the Ranchitos de Galisteo subdivision. It is administered by its volunteer board of directors; its members meet annually in January or February.

2023–24 Board

President: Mike Dyer, (214) 662-8382

Vice President: Joe Capello

Treasurer-Secretary: Cathy Gebhard;  

Assistant Secretary-Treasurer: Carol McClain

Director: Matt Bircher

Ranchitos Architectural Committee

The Ranchitos Architectural Committee acts as stewards of Ranchitos’ Declaration of Covenants, which exists to protect the value of purchaser property and to maintain the quality of life while keeping in harmony with the environment. An annual meeting is held in January, with elections every two years.

2023-2024 Board

President: Jerry Kruse (210) 912-2322

Vice-President: David Killion (202) 306-9561‬

Secretary-Treasurer: Jessica Spring (505) 466-6948